Animal World – Farm Animal Pack


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Hours and hours of fun are waiting down on the farm! This set of six realistically-designed animals is the perfect addition to imaginative play. The Farm Animals toys are large, easy to grab, and provide kids with a start for their own ideas for farm fun. And because these six animals are familiar to kids, They make it easier to encourage imaginative play.
develop important skills:language development can be a big part of farm fun. These jumbo Farm Animals are designed to encourage kids to:

* recreate simple sounds The animals make, like ‘Moo’ And ‘Baa’.
* learn and practice new words that relate to the animals, such as the names of the animals, body parts, and colors.
* increase language opportunities as children respond to simple requests, like ‘find the cow’.
* further develop listening, processing, and responding skills as children answer open-ended questions like, ‘how can the animals get their food?’
* practice expressive language and conversational turn taking as kids have animals talk to each other.
add some friends for farmhand help! Playing together with the different animals can lead to negotiation, taking turns, sharing space and animals, and learning to understand and respect others’ ideas and feelings.


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