Bayer Lisa Newborn Baby Doll (40cm) Pink with Sheep


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Lisa New Born Baby is a sweet 40cm hard-bodied baby doll with accessories and sleeping eyes. Lisa New Born Baby has a lovely face and with its wrinkles on legs and arms, the doll is a real cutie. When you lay Lisa New Born Baby down, she will close her eyes. Give Lisa Newborn Baby her water-filled bottle and she has to pee into her potty. With the included accessories like plate, fork, spoon, bottle, pacifier or diaper, you can care about her, feed or comfort her. The doll wears a magnificant body with a colour matching cap. Measurements (cm): 40 x 17 x 11

What’s in the box
1x Doll
1x bottle
1x potty
1x plate
1x fork
1x spoon
1x pacifier
1x diaper


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