Silky washable Crayons


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Jar Melo believes that every child is an artist and so do we! 

These silky, washable crayons are incredibly versatile and completely non toxic. They can even be used as face and body paint without causing any skin irritation, opening up a range of possibilities for creativity. Easy to wash off skin, surfaces and clothes, they make a whole lot easier for parents.

These Silky Crayons come in rich, vibrant colours, made with a formula that has been honed through experimentation over a number of years. Their water-soluble formula and extraordinary design make them smooth and silky without flaking. Kids can let their imaginations run free through drawing, colouring, doodling, illustrating and crafts.

The crayons can be used in both drawing and painting: they can be used as crayons, pastels or watercolours depending on how much water is added with a paint brush. They have been designed so that they are easy to grip and twist up, so they don’t get worn down in children’s hands.

Age: 1 +

15 x 6 x 6 cm

Safety Feature: Each crayon cap has been designed to make sure the trachea won’t be blocked completely if swallowed.


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