What to Wear Water Doodle Fun


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It’s party time, what should Wayne wear tonight? kids can create their own designs for Wayne to wear with the water doodle pen. Tomorrow is sport day, please dress him up in his sports gear. A fun toy to encourage creativity and imagination.

  • K’s Kids is an award winning educational preschool toy brand known world over for its quality and innovation, these development toys are now available in India
  • Simply add some water in the water doodle pen and see your child’s drawings brighten up as they draw on Wayne, what outfit will Wayne wear today – Party or sporty?
  • Besides, Wayne makes for a great companion and huggable doll too!
  • The doll comes with 2 water doodle pens: 1 big and 1 small
  • Encourage kids to draw different outfits on the doll based on themes


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