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Bruder RAM 2500 Power Wagon Toy With 1 Horse & Trailer

Bruder RAM 2500 Power Wagon Toy With 1 Horse & Trailer

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In the true sense of the word, the RAM 2500 Power Wagon is a heavy-duty pickup truck by RAM Trucks.

Its durability and off-road capabilities are legendary and unique to this day. This vehicle is also very impressive in terms of output. Its V8 HEMI engine produces 410 BHP and generates a torque of 582 Newton metres. This powerful vehicle with striking Power Wagon design has now been added to the BRUDER range. Just like the real thing, the toy features a crew cab with four doors. All doors open to accommodate four world figures. This model at a scale of 1:16 features suspension on both axles to provide ride comfort and off-road capability. In this context, the front axle can be steered using the included steering wheel extension.

The tailgate opens to transport loads and the loading area provides space for Bruder pallets, pallet cages or straw bales. The RAM can also be used as the tractor to pull the trailer. Thanks to the trailer coupling, the horse trailer can take horses almost anywhere, be it to the paddock or to a ride out with friends, anything is possible with this combination.

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Features: Cab

  • Cab windows made from high-quality polycarbonate

  • Clear-glass headlights

  • Four doors on the left and right as well as an opening tailgate

Vehicle design:

  • Space for 4 BWORLD figures

  • Standard attachment for Bruder accessories on the bumper (e.g. winch)

  • Sliding roof to introduce the steering wheel extension

  • Space for pallets/pallet cages or other cargo on the loading area


  • Spring-loaded front (steered) axle and rear axle

  • Detachable rear coupling

  • Bracket for steering wheel extension

  • New wheels in contemporary SUV design

Horse trailer:

  • Lowering jockey wheel with crank

  • Side door opens

  • Fold-down ramp

  • One horse included in scope of delivery


  • Dimensions: 740mm x 170mm x 185mm

  • Packaging Dimensions: 750mm x 190mm x 220mm

  • Manufactured from high-quality plastics, such as ABS

  • Compatible with figure

  • Scale 1:16

  • Suitable Age: 4 years and older

  • Warranty: 6 Months

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