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Schleich Horse Club Transporter Set

Schleich Horse Club Transporter Set

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1x Schleich Horse Club Horse Transporter Set, 3x horses, 3x figuresDimensions: 68L x 60W x 38H cmPart of the Horse Club theme world theme worldContains 227 pieces, including furniture, figure accessories, horse accessories, and play food itemsEverything needed to transport and care for the show horsesGroom the horses at the integrated care stationBuild the paddock for obstacle trainingSet up the BBQ for Lisa and her family to enjoy some good food


Product Description

Assembling the various parts of the Schleich Horse Club Horse Transporter Set (42619) will be a joy for any horse and Schleich enthusiast! It comes with three Schleich horses, three human figures and a golden retriever figure. With everything on board, Lisa can go to the next horse show with her mum and dad, their dog and up to four Schleich horses.


Get Your Schleich Horses Ready!

Pack Lisa’s three horses into the horse box transporter with the six transport gaiters, and away you go! Lisa can also sit with her horses – just set up the horse box seat flap. Then, set up your very own horse run at your destination, with the four fence pieces and wooden inlays, obstacle poles, ZZ hanging poles and straw inlay. Add to the fun with the four tree trunk obstacle pieces.

Schleich Horse Club Playset

The Horse Club Transporter Set comes with everything you need to keep the three included horse figures comfortable! Set up a feeding station with the water container, hay bale, straw bale and two carrots. Ensure they’re ready for the show with the curry comb and card brush. When they’re ready for a rest, let them cosy up with the horse blanket or three saddle blankets – all included in this Schleich playset!


Train in Style

Get Lisa and her family ready to horse around! This Schleich playset features three stable halters, so you can take the three horses out to their course. Pop on the bridles and saddles, so they’re ready to gallop. Don’t forget to put the included helmets on the figures! With Lisa’s backpack on, she’s ready for horse adventures.


Time for Some Holiday Fun

While Lisa trains her Schleich horses, her family makes themselves comfortable in the horse transporter! Open up the Schleich playset and remove the four included car seats for an amazing play area. Relax by the rooftop pool with the water ball and water hose! There’s also a barbecue set, with tongs, sausages and corncobs for a delicious feast. Set up the plates, cups and bottles – just in time for dinner. Plus, there’s also a little bone for Lisa’s golden retriever!


Decorate Your Playset

Decorate the included kitchenette with the table and two chairs. Make things a little cosier with the curtains, flower bouquet in its vase and the couch! When it’s time for bed, use the ladder to access the loft, which you can turn into a sleeping area with cloth blankets and three pillows. Once you’re finished playing, don’t forget to tidy up with the broom and pitchfork. With three figures, three horses and a golden retriever, enjoy hours of fun with the Schelich Horse Club Transporter Set!



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