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Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy Pure Hydrolysed Collagen 200g

Yummy Mummy Pure Hydrolysed Collagen 200g

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Pure Hydrolysed Collagen for enhanced beauty, health and wellness!
Adapt the servings to your desired results.

Add it into food, drinks, baking and smoothies.

Our Pure Collagen is Halal and Kosher Certified

Adapt the servings for your desired results; (2 teaspoons =5grams).

5 grams: Increased joint and skin health.
10-15 grams: Reduced inflammation, strengthens the digestive system, reduces fine lines and cellulite.
16-30 grams: Ideal for muscle recovery, post-partum healing and increased joint mobility.

Our Pure Collagen peptides is 100% type 1 & 2. It is organic, grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine collagen.

You can expect our collagen to be:

  • Chemical-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-allergenic
  • No E numbers
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Does not contain any antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives.
  • Free from Trans-Fatty acids.



100% range Bovine Collagen Peptides made with grass-fed bovine from Inner Mongolia/Himalaya mountains.

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