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Miles Kelly

Aesop's Fables the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Aesop's Fables the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

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The much-loved traditional tale, Aesop’s Fables: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, has been beautifully captured by Andy Rowland’s loveable animal illustrations in this fantastic children’s picture book.

Great for storytime with toddlers, pre-schoolers and young schoolchildrenA great gift for 2 year olds to 6 year olds (toddler to early years/reception)Full-page bright, colourful illustrationsStory adapted to be enjoyable for adults and children alike

You and your toddler will enjoy a quiet storytime together, both to bond and to develop their listening skills, attention span and vocabulary.

This charming tale tells of two mice cousins – one lives in the quiet countryside and the other in a busy town. One day, the town mouse visits the country but is not impressed with his cousin’s home, the food she eats or her bed. He believes he is used to a better quality of life so the country mouse decides to go to the town mouse’s house to see what it is like. She experiences amazing food and comfort but there are a few downsides – the mice have to keep hiding from the people and scary pets that live there!

As with all fables, children can learn important lessons. The fable for The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse focuses on the idea that material things cannot make you happy and it is better to live a more humble life if it means freedom and peace.

This children’s picture book is part of a larger series of Aesop’s Fables picture books by Miles Kelly. Miles Kelly picture books are the perfect sharing books for 2 year olds and 3 year olds and ideal for independent reading from 4 years and upwards.



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