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Kleine Muis

Baby Vision Trigger Cards

Baby Vision Trigger Cards

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Baby Vision Trigger Cards 

After birth, your baby starts to map their (very blurry) visual field. Their peripheral view is still poor but improves dramatically between 1-3 months. High contrast images provide a naturally preferred focal point to support your babies early visual development. Not only are high contrast activities age appropriate from birth, but clinical research indicates that fixation on these images stimulate and strengthen various nerve pathways in the visual cortex and other parts of the brain.

High Contrast Trigger Cards equip you with a calming and bonding developmental activity to share with your baby from birth.



-Calming designs to draw your newborn’s attention

-Bonding activity to use from birth

-Handy to travel with, or send along to a caregiver


Even though this is a newborn set, babies continue to show interest in High Contrast images for up to 10-12 months.


What's in the box

- 20 x Double Sided Tracking/Flash Cards

- Specially Designed Images for Babies from Birth



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