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Imagimags Crystal Set(38 Piece)

Imagimags Crystal Set(38 Piece)

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Imagimags Crystal Set- Just launched, another South African exclusive, our Crystal Set is a beautiful, sophisticated must-have! 38 transparent tiles for children to build magical “glass” structures, and for them to see into and through their fantastic creations.

The possibilities are crystal clear:

The elegant see-through Crystal tiles bring a touch of refinement to any playroom. And add a new dimension to imaginative play. We’ve envisaged magical crystal creations, but we can’t wait to see what your children make of this enchanting set!

Imagine the play:

Imagine children building palaces made of shimmering “glass” with clear towers that rise into the sky and sparkling walls that reflect the light. What about an enchanted greenhouse with vines and magical flowers and a roof that opens to let in the sun… The Crystal Set is a fresh opportunity for unleashing children’s imaginative potential.


Imagine the learning:

The transparent Crystal Set offers a unique learning experience that's different from the rainbow-coloured tiles. Watch as children’s spatial and visual perception skills are enhanced by seeing the world through a clear lens. With endless possibilities, these tiles encourage imaginative thinking, while also developing problem-solving skills as children build and design structures that come to life before their very eyes.


What's in the box:

18 Squares

6 Equilateral Triangles

6 Isosceles Triangles

6 Tall Isosceles Triangles

2 Large Squares







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