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Imagimags Vehicle Set

Imagimags Vehicle Set

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Imagimags Vehicles Set- Our world-wide exclusive Vehicle Set complete with vehicle bases, specially-shaped tiles and wooden figurines is a best-buy for children who love cars!

Imagination on the move

With 2 chassis and the tailor-made tiles, children can build cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, and boats. We’ve designed a Construction Worker and a Policeman (both hand-painted wooden figurines with magnetic bases) to match the transport theme.


Imagine the play

Children can build the specific parts of the vehicle, such as doors, windows, bonnets and boots, allowing for a recognisable creation that can enter their play, with the accompanying figurines or they can let their creativity run wild and come up with unique designs to go on imaginative adventures

Imagine the learning

As they play with the Vehicle Set, children are learning about mechanical engineering - how different parts work together to create a functional machine. They’re also engaging in the scientific study of magnetism - the properties and behaviours of magnets. And they’re exploring the basic physics concepts of momentum and force too.

What's in the box

12 Rectangles

6 L shapes

6 Doors

2 Vehicles

2 Magnetic Wooden People (1 x Construction Worker, 1 x Policeman)





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