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Tooky Toy

Tooky Toy Animal Jenga

Tooky Toy Animal Jenga

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The Tooky Toy Animal Jenga Game contains 48 wooden blocks. This is a fun game for the whole family and a very nice gift.

Start the game by  building a tower layering the wooden blocks 3 by 3. Then take turns  to remove the blocks one by one trying not to let the tower tumble. The blocks in the Tooky Toy Animal Jenga Set have little animals painted onto the ends. This not only looks pretty but allows you to roll the dice and have to remove the animal that you rolled on the dice. This adds another educational dimension to this game, making it even more fun as you have to look at the dice and then match the animal.

This is a really fun simple game and one that children of all ages will love. It has been called many names, the most popular being "Jenga". Rules vary but the idea is to remove a block and place it on the top to start another level and so on until it all collapses. This set is made from quality wood. Some of the blocks are painted and some natural wood, making this a very attractive game to look at. The blocks in this game are also wonderful to build with and can be put together in all sorts of shapes and patterns.

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