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TopBright Crystal Dinosaur Growing Kit Spinosaurus

TopBright Crystal Dinosaur Growing Kit Spinosaurus

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Learn chemistry with this hands-on crystal growing experiment kit on the back of the dinosaurs. Follow the simple steps to grow crystals in your choice of colors. Design and make your own stunning dinosaur crystal garden. It's the perfect gift for any budding Scientist.

Add crystal powder to hot water to saturate it. When the water cools, the crystal powder will precipitate in the form of crystals and the crystals will precipitate along the direction of gypsum. This phenomenon is called "crystallization".


Kit Includes:

  • 1 Measuring cup,
  • 1 Stir bar,
  • 1 dinosaur egg,
  • 1 dinosaur,
  • 2 Seed crystal,
  • 1 Pedestal,
  • 3 crystal powder.
  • Includes instruction give the young chemist to gain a deeper understanding of dinosaur and crystal growing.
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