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Word Builders

Word Builders

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Kickstart your child’s reading and spelling journey with Word Builders. Word Builders’ interlocking letter cubes develop early literacy from the ground up.

• Colour-coded letter cubes make it easy for kids to identify vowels and consonants

• Builds left-to-right reading skills by connecting cubes in one direction

• Reinforces early phonics with consonant-vowel-consonant words

• Larger words can be constructed as reading skills advance

• Activity guide includes 20 more educational games

• Perfect from learners from Grade 0


The Word Builders interlocking cube set takes the struggle out of early reading and spelling. With consonants in blue and vowels in red, your child will easily grasp phonics concepts like letter sounds. Building simple 3-letter words reinforces proper left-to-right reading patterns. As your child’s skills progress, longer words can be constructed for more of a challenge.

Word Builders provides the fundamental building blocks to develop crucial literacy skills. This set encourages interactive learning with the included activity guide offering 20 more educational games. Give your child the tools to build reading confidence with Word Builders.



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